Books on Impulse

Books on Impulse

By Natalie Bright

Impulse buy is a standard retail term meaning spur of the moment purchases. The buying is unplanned and purely spontaneous triggered usually by seeing the item. Who can resist the decorative tissues, gum, breath mints, cute bottles of hand sanitizer–all the little goodies jammed in the display next to the check-out. Why do you think the milk and eggs are at the far back corner of the grocery store? It’s basic retailing logic.

I’ve read that books are becoming more and more a form of entertainment classified under the term impulse buy. I’ve fallen victim to the ease of logging on and ordering books and more books, and last week this became even more apparent.

Making Connections

My blog about characterization and creating a history for characters was read by a writer who I had met at DFWcon the year before. By happenstance, we had sat together in several classes, enjoyed interesting conversation over a few meals, and after returning home, ‘liked’ each others Facebook pages.

Following Links

Last week, she sent me a private email with an attachment explaining her process of character development. I followed the links included in her email to her blog and ePublishing sites. Within a few seconds, I placed an order through my PayPal for her 45 page eNovella and there it was, on my desktop within seconds. Shazaam!

Buying on Impulse

That’s impulse buying at it’s finest, and this savvy author made it easy for the consumer. Within minutes of her email, I followed all of the leads, learned about her and her work, and made a purchase. It’s a great time to be a writer, and if you’re a fan of hot romance I hope you’ll follow the link and checkout Casesa Major’s blog.

What’s an impulse buy you’ve made recently?

Natalie Bright

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