The Great Muse Meet


The Great Muse Meet

In one week there will be an epic meeting taking place. The Muse Meet, otherwise known as Frontiers in Writing. Let me tell you about it.

New York Times bestselling authors, editors, writers, bookstore managers, English teachers, and every other type of word-loving person you can think of will be gathering under one roof. There will be learning, sharing, hugging, buying, selling, meeting, talking, yarn spinning, poetry, music, food, and handshakes galore. All genres possible—horror, romance, non-fiction, poetry, western, childrens, and just general main stream—will meet face to face. This will be the show the world has been waiting for.

When this many wordy people and imaginative people and happy people get together, only one thing can happen:  UTTER BLISS!

Don’t miss it! Your muse will pelt you with a shillelagh if you don’t bring her to this bash. And you’ll sit home with a knot on your head while the rest of the writing world has a giant party.

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

Nandy Ekle

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