by Sharon Stevens

Barbara Brannon of Texas Tech University Press and I were just visiting about Andy Griffith and “The Lost Colony” this past week. Paul Green wrote this symphonic drama as well as our own musical drama “TEXAS.”  There is no doubt in my mind that Griffith probably returned as often as he could and sneaked backstage to join the magic circle with the cast and crew that gathered there before the show.

In our area William Moore, the director of “TEXAS” would do the same. I can’t tell you the times he attended performances of the Canyon High School musicals or dramas and you could hear his booming voice echo ‘bravo’ for the kids from his seat in the audience.

And I bet the Moore’s, the Harpers, the Brantley’s, the Hess’, and the Raillard’s may have seen him perform as they traveled to all Green’s dramas throughout the country learning everything they could so that our rendition in the Pioneer Amphitheatre in Palo Duro Canyon would be as strong as it could be. Most all are gone now, and may they all rest in peace after a job well done. But I will always wonder if it’s a coincidence that Griffith died on July 3rd and this is the same date on the letter Margaret Harper wrote to Paul Green asking him to consider coming to our area to see what he could do. The rest is truly history, just as “The Lost Colony” and its 75th year.

Where would we be without all those who touched our lives and inspired our hearts? They are truly keepers of our dreams. And their legacy reminds us to be keepers as well.

Bravo Andy Griffith!

Sharon Stevens

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