New Programs, New Possibilities

Outtakes 154


New Programs, New Possibilities

By Cait Collins


I still admit to being a dinosaur when it comes to accepting new tech toys and programs. Some of them just don’t appear to fit in my neat legal pad mind. I’m trying to convince myself to keep an open mind concerning some updates that are about to appear on my computer at work. As we are testing the new programs, I will try to figure out ways to use the technology on my writer’s laptop. In some instances, the programs are currently installed on my systems. Right now, I’m experimenting with Microsoft OneNote.

I like the idea of having a notebook for each project. One notebook could be titled Outtakes. I could move all my archived blogs to the book with tabs for each blog. The tabs would be labeled with the Outtakes number and title. Not only would this arrangement be an excellent filing system, it would also act as a subject reminder to prevent repeating topics.

Notebooks bearing the title of my current works would keep the individual chapters better organized. Deleted scenes could be filed under a tab for easy recovery. Notes, ideas, and photographs regarding the work have an accessible place.

My ideas sound good, but will they work? That’s a question that can’t be answered at this point. However, rejecting the possibilities without even testing them is short sighted. Any program that saves time and keeps me organized is worth the learning curve. I wonder if using OneNote will allow me to get rid of at least half of my manuscript storage boxes?


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