Post Cards


Post Cards

By Nandy Ekle


The muse is traveling again. I’ve gotten several post cards that I will share with you, my readers.

  1. What if . . . you go inside your computer and live invisibly?
  1. What happens if . . . the clouds in the sky begin to spell out words, and those words begin to read like a message?
  1. What if . . . a young woman is the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding, and she and the groom have been having a secret affair for a year?
  1. How about a family of serial killers?
  1. The girl behind the counter at the convenience store. She sits on a stool chewing a wad of gum and reading a romance book. She has a little bruise on her shoulder. What do we know about her?
  1. You look down at the carpet while praying at church and you see a skull in the knap. When you come back later, it’s gone.
  1. A spooky old house, a favorite book, and all the paper and pens in the world.
  1. You go see your doctor. He brings into his office and tells you that you have cancer.
  1. Driving to work one morning, you are rear-ended.

10. You are visiting a dear friend and he looks up into your eyes and says . . . what?

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

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