Rest in Peace Harry Potter

Rest in Peace Harry Potter

 An era has ended. The final installment of the Harry Potter series hit the theaters making even bigger mega bucks for the franchise. That’s fine as I enjoyed every movie. With HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE, a ten year journey began for my nephews and me. One was seven and the other twelve when the movie came out. I bought the tickets and the boys bought the snacks. This was our tradition for each movie.

My eyes misted as we left the theater following the DEATHLY HALLOWS Part II.  My nephews are now college students and fine young men. Watching the guys grow up fascinated me. One year they were kids with wide-eyed wonder and dreams.  Now they are fine, talented young men setting goals and focusing on the future. I’m honored to have had these special moments with them.

Just as my nephews grew up, so must our characters grow and change. When the story opens, the protagonist faces a problem. As the tale progresses we learn what he is willing to do to solve the issue. How disappointing it would be to finish a novel or leave the theater knowing the protagonist never learned anything from his hardships and life journey. In the end he is the same self-centered, weak individual we met at the beginning. What a waste of time, money and effort. Chances are you would never again invest in that author or screenwriter’s work.

Writers also face growing pains. The first short story or manuscript may be rough, but we send it out hoping our efforts will attract the attention of an agent or editor. Too often we are met with scathing rejections or at the very least polite form letters. The true writer does not quit. He keeps on producing work, honing the skills necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of publication. Then there are the writers who refuse to listen to critiques and continue making the same mistakes. They stagnate and die without ever realizing the goal.

My advice to all writers is simple; take advantage of opportunities to learn more about the craft of writing. Enroll in writing courses at a local college. Find a writers group and get involved in the meetings and activities. Attend writers’ conferences. Practice the art of networking. Accept one very hard fact; you may never have your work on the shelves in a bookstore or see your name on a movie screen. Even if this is your reality, the journey is worth the effort.

Cait Collins

2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Harry Potter

  1. Aww, What a great aunt you are to create a special memory with your nephews and to have the opportunity to watch them grow up! I agree that not only should the characters grow and change, but the writer should embrace growth as well. (Excellent Post!) 🙂

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