The Value of Monetary Objects

TRAILS END – The Novel

The Value of Monetary Objects

Our society puts a lot of emphasis on status demonstrated by our possessions. Although our priorities in life should really focus elsewhere, some items can have a profound meaning and importance to us. Having family heirlooms being one example.

I believe the most significant gift a person can give you, is something that means a lot to them. An item that you know how important it is to that individual, yet they want you to have it. This shows to me their true feelings about you.

In chapter ten, Robert Jarrett gives Donnie his old bronc saddle. A Gold Seal Hamley saddle that is rare and valuable, and also the only saddle Robert rode in his rodeo career. Although he doesn’t allow it to be seen, Robert takes great satisfaction in passing down this possession to the eager young boy.

What do you have ownership of that means the world to you because of who gave it to you?

I have my grandpa’s hammer. He was a carpenter and I think of him every time I pick it up.

I have quilts from both my grandmothers. I see them working on them when I look at their detail and beauty.

My Dad carved a bull’s head out of a block of wood when he was twelve years old. The spurs provided by an old rooster makes the horns. No amount of money could make me part with it.

A man that I looked up to as a kid and still do to this day, has the most fascinating collection of rodeo pictures of him competing in the 1950’s. When I asked to make copies of a couple of them, he gave me the originals.

Can you imagine the emotion Donnie Williams experienced when given that saddle? It’s just part of the story of a lost boy’s journey.


Joe Nichols

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