By Natalie Bright

During the holidays, time can be bittersweet as we remember the loved ones who have passed on. For grieving parents, the time can be devastating. Laughing toddlers and loving family; the sights, sounds, smells of Christmas can weigh heavy on a grieving heart. The daily struggle seems endless and the loss is something you may never get over, but I made it through and you can too.

If you know of anyone suffering from the loss of a baby, I invite you to share with them my latest eBook:

GONE NEVER FORGOTTEN offers healing words through verse and text for grieving parents. I didn’t begin where most books do on this topic; instead, I started at what happens when you get home. With empty arms, parents have to return to their life without the much anticipated new addition to their family. In addition to several of my favorite Bible verses, two very special ladies have contributed poetry on grief and hope.

Marianne McNeil Logan is an award winning rhyming poet. I’ve admired Marianne’s work for many years, and I enjoy rereading her chapbooks as inspiration for words and the writing craft. She continues to be a strong voice of encouragement for our local writing community.

Nell Lindenmeyer is a long-time friend through our day jobs and through our work in an organization which educates its members about the energy industry. When I discovered she wrote poetry, I asked if she might have some pieces on grief and the free-verse samples she sent absolutely blew me away. I hope you find inspiration and peace through them as much as I did.

From my heart to yours, GONE NEVER FORGOTTEN, is a book of hope and healing after the loss of a baby.

For excerpts and reviews, GONE NEVER FORGOTTEN is available at http://www.smashwords.com in a variety of eBook formats for only $4.99.

Read two of the poems now, below:

This Isn’t Me

by Marianne McNeil Logan

I say the strangest, weirdest things,

Not what I feel, at all—

Yet words that have been blurted out

Aren’t subject to recall.


What’s happened to my attitude,

My personality?

It seems all feeling has withdrawn

And left a shell of me. 

Will spirit and faith ever return?

Last One

by Nell Lindenmeyer

I will not cry for your being gone

But for the life left to be lived that will go on ahead of you

All the laughter that was meant to be heard

And all the tears we’ll never learn to share together

Your dying reminds me of drinking fine champagne from a crystal glass

I appreciate the beauty of the finely etched glass as I swirl it in my hand

But my thirst isn’t quenched by the smooth, rich liquid gold

All I think about is that last drop that I can’t have as it swirls off the rim

And settles into the small hollow

Last one to hold onto love has to say it

I love you.


Natalie Bright

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