Point of View

TRAILS END – The novel

Point of View

When I first attempted writing, I knew what every character was thinking and doing, how they felt, and why. I simply told the reader all they needed to know. Learning to write from one character’s point of view and letting them show the reader the story, became intimidating. For a while I became stifled, unable to make any progress with my story.

With the help of my good friends in Wordsmith Six, and attending the Jodi Thomas Writers Academy at WTAM, I’m learning. There is, however, a POV I still struggle with. Trails End is a main character in my novel, and I really want to incorporate the horse’s POV a few times through out the story. I just finished such a chapter, and I have no idea if it will fly. My Wordsmith Six group might have to fix it.

Have you seen the movie “War Horse”? The book was loaned to me by Natalie Bright because it’s written entirely from the horse’s POV. What a great story. So at least I know it can be done. I can only hope my novel will be as compelling.

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