Appealing To Readers Outside Your Genre

TRAILS END ā€“ The Novel

Appealing To Readers Outside Your Genre

Rome Wager is a friend of mine. Not a close friend that I know intimately, but someone I became well acquainted with during my rodeo days. He stood out, for several reasons, and I admired him.

I am a subscriber to the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine. It could be the most diverse publication there is. I most likely will skip the article on the latest species of frog or spider discovered in New Zealand or Kenya, but lots of topics are interesting to me. The cover story of the latest issue is about the writing of the King James version of the Bible. The article began with the first two words, Rome Wager.

I thought, how strange, whoever they’re taking about has the same name as ole Romey. Guess what. It was him, my bronc riding buddy.

The reason to include Rome in the article? He now is a minister in northern New Mexico, near the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. He is reaching out to young cowboys, ranchers, oil field workers, and staff at the Apache Nugget Casino. The point being made that ancient manuscripts from England, found their way to the American West to be repeated just as they were written.

Can you imagine how many people in the world have read and appreciated this article? This is what I would like to accomplish with my novel. A book that anyone can relate to, and enjoy.

My best wishes to you, Rome.

Thanks for reading,


1 thought on “Appealing To Readers Outside Your Genre

  1. Thank you Joe, I’ve been wondering about how your doing, and what your up to. I’m still working with some young Bronc Riders, punching a few cows and preaching. I got slowed down a bit I had some ticker problems but getting better hope to be a horse back soon.
    Take care boss, give me a call some time.
    Dr. Rome Wager

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