Politics and Life

 TRAILS END – The Novel

    Politics and Life

The political season is among us, and whether we are involved or not, or if we are informed or not, our daily lives are effected by election outcomes. I hope you are knowledgeable about the issues of this great and free country, and exercise your right to make your voice heard.

Cowboys have their political battles as well. Professional Rodeo holds elections for directors, event representatives, selection of top pickup men, bullfighters, contract acts, and a continuing barrage of rule changes and proposals. Also, the cowboys vote on the top timed event horses and bucking stock of the year awards. This is a specific part about the story of Trails End.

Jim Barnes, who is a hero in the eyes of Donnie Williams, is a veteran bronc rider and past event director. He campaigns for Trials End to be Bucking Horse of the Year. Although the owner of the horse is his close friend Jerome Jarrett, Jim believes the bronc deserves the title.

The current bronc riding director, the villain, won’t agree. His Uncle owns a rodeo company and he would rather promote a horse owned in the family. “Pretty Boy”, (nicknamed by Jim) refuses to acknowledge the ability of Trails End.

The award means substantial financial compensation and a significant upgrade to a rodeo company. This can lead to higher paying contracts and overall success.

Learn how this conflict develops, and see some of the politics of rodeo.

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