Show, Don’t Tell

Show, Don’t Tell

By Natalie Bright

What does that mean exactly?

If you’ve ever been to a writers conference or taken a writing course, you’ve probably heard that term.

Here’s a great example:

John is angry.  (telling how John feels)

Instead of telling your reader, John is angry, show the reader:

John kicked the door in, stormed across the living room, slapped Maria, and hurled Joaquin through the window.

How is that for imagery? No question how John is feeling, is there?

That example is from a session I attended with Harvey Stanbrough, who is a short story writer, poet, and writing instructor. He’ll be back in Amarillo for the Frontiers in Writing Conference June 28-30.

To find out more you can visit website for Panhandle Professional Writers, link here:

Happy Writing!

Natalie Bright

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