Getting Acquainted

TRAILS END – The Novel

   Getting Acquainted

Is your first impression of someone always correct? I generally except people as being good, but I’m slow to get to know someone well. I’d like to think I’m a good judge of character, and most of the time if I have a negative or cautious attitude towards someone I meet, I keep it until proven wrong.

I guarantee I’ve been wrong several times.

When I was competing at high school rodeos, there was a kid my age that I thought was a complete idiot. I had never met or spoke to him, but I was convinced he was a goof that I would never want to be around. We showed up at the same college, and with in two weeks, we became friends. To this day, he is one of my closest best friends. I confessed to him at some point what I thought about him before our friendship, and he told me he couldn’t stand me because he thought I was a cocky and  arrogant. Me? Cocky? I was so insecure, I couldn’t believe he thought that of me.

Then there has been the person I considered to be the coolest most upstanding person, and eventually figured out they were a total phony. I guess all we can do is give the benefit of the doubt to the person we don’t know, and proceed with caution.

In TRAILS END, Donnie Williams is faced with evaluating character when he meets Jim Barnes’ Wife, Barbara. Let me assure you she is a character, and she scares Donnie to death. See what your first impression of her is, and if you end up hating or loving her.

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