The End

Outtakes 38

The End

The novel is almost done. I’m down to the last chapter, and I’m finding it difficult to say goodbye. I wonder if readers realize how close the writer is to his characters. Do they know how we have nurtured them, helped them grow, listened to their sorrows, shed tears over their heartbreaks? I carry on conversations with Kate, Dalton, Chad, and Travis. They are the children of my creation and I am proud of the results.

Recently, Kate visited me as I got ready for work. “You think you’re through with us? Chad’s growing up. What are you going to do with him? He can’t be fifteen forever. Does Mike ever find happiness? What happens to King and Scott?”

Before I can respond, Dalton appears. “Will you allow Kate and me to have a real relationship, or will it always be a maybe? Frankly, I want more than a couple of hot kisses.”

“Hey, cowboy, you haven’t asked my opinion on that idea.”

“Not asking you, Kate. I’m asking the other Cait.”

My head is spinning. Yes, Chad has a story. So does Mike. But can I write them all and remain true to the people introduced in HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?”

Dalton whispers in my ear. “Just one word, Cait – E-books. Think about it.”

Let me see. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Harley and its citizens. I do have stories. E-books? Yeah, Dalton, I’ll definitely think about it.

Cait Collins

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