By Natalie Bright

Thanks to for recognizing WordsmithSix with a Versatile Blogger Award!

7 things about WordsmithSix:

1. We’re six writers who really do exchange work at bi-weekly meetings.

2. We’re going on our third year of critiquing together, first meeting in 2009.

3. We write numerous genres including inspirational, horror, westerns, Biblical fiction, kid lit, freelance articles, women’s mainstream; which makes for interesting meetings!

4. We represent a wide variety of life experiences and professions: pro bronc rider, mortician, published documentary author, court reporter, human resources director, OB/Gyn nurse, bookstore owner, mom, dad, bookkeeper, roper, rancher, minister, legal assistant, conference speakers!

5. We call the state of endless skies and flat, treeless landscapes home.

6. We are all members of Panhandle Professional Writers, organized in 1920 as “Panhandle Pen Women” by Laura Hamner and Pheobe Warner, which continues today as one of the oldest professional writer’s groups in the U.S.

7. Our blog has a theme:  join us on our journey to publication as we blog about the craft of writing.

*****Drum Roll Please*****

WordsmithSix would like to recognize the following blogs. You may not have ran across some of these, so please check them out.

The Versatile Blogger Award goes to:

1.  this mom posts about loss and love.

2. : this TCA teacher of the year and a “20” to Watch NSBA Tech Leader is very creative and energetic. You’ll love her posts.

3. Angels and Demons and Portals. Oh My!




Versatile Blogger Award

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Natalie Bright

1 thought on “Thanks

  1. Thanks Natalie Bright and Craig Keel for everything you have done. Writing and reading blogs has opened up a whole new world of the writing experience and treasures of other writers, as well as helping to improve our own. You have made it all happen. Personally, this has also helped me to reach out to other bloggers after my own heart such as Dann Derby @ Blue Bird Restuarant in Centerville Iowa. I would have never connected if not for your guidance.

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