Massive Chills


Massive Chills

The words feel like velvet. The author’s voice, quiet but strong, yanks my attention and holds it in a steel grip. The plot thickens in such a tight mesh it seems all options are gone. And then, with a few simple syllables, all is revealed.

My arms are covered with bumps while my eyes react by filling with tears. Of course! How could I not have seen such a thing! Perfect sense!

And then I turn the page. Nothing. White space is all that greets me. The End.

My breath is gone. I have to blink my eyes to get my vision back from the world contained between the front cover and the back cover. For the rest of my day, reality is caught simultaneously in two worlds: the world of real life and the world I just left.

And the single thought that runs through my brain is, Give me a pen and paper NOW!

If you ever need inspiration, go back and read your favorite book. Allow the author to be your professor. Absorb the words again and feel the tone of perfection. And even fantasize about what you might have done differently.

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

Nandy Ekle


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