Writing Conference


Writing Conference

The Panhandle Professional Writers is hosting Frontiers in Writing, an annual writing conference, later this month. I have been to three of these and have learned something new and exciting while enjoying every single one.

So what do I expect to get from a conference? Well, there will be a lot of different successful writers that are willing to share what they have learned in their careers. If this was the only reason I had for going to the conference, it would be enough because I still have a lot to learn about writing .

But that is not the only reason I go to the conference. I also enjoy supporting the local authors that bring their published works to sell. It’s a cool experience to buy a book written by a friend and ask them to autograph it.

But probably the number one reason I have for choosing to go to the writing conference is to meet other writers. There are no people on the earth, except maybe grandchildren, who are more fun to be around than writers. These are the people who transport me to another world with just three or four words. These are the people who introduce me to entire populations that live in the worlds they create. These are the people who never cease to thrill me with a story.

Now how much is that worth!

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

For more information about the Frontiers in Writing, visit  http://www.panhandleprowriters.org/fiw-conference

Nandy Ekle

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