Clean Out the Clutter

Outtakes 47

Clean Out the Clutter

Looking around my apartment right now is pretty depressing. I’ve not had a free weekend since mid-May. My living room is cluttered with Vacation Bible School material; the left-over decorations and party memorabilia from my sister’s 50th birthday party occupy my dining room; and conference paperwork, promotional announcements found a home in my office. West Texas dust litters every flat surface and I’m two weeks behind on the laundry. Thank heavens I have a free Saturday to play catch-up.

There are times when my writing life feels as cluttered as my apartment. Deadlines approach, but I stare at the computer screen begging for inspiration. It’s difficult to keep the priorities straight when the characters in my novel keep pounding on the door of my brain demanding attention. I need a break and a reality check. I’ll get that at Frontiers in Writing.

Writers’ conferences allow the writer to associate with like minded individuals; folks who understand the distractions and loneliness of the writing life. It’s a chance to renew friendships and learn new trends and techniques. I always come away from a conference with new energy and new ideas. It’s worth my time to attend.

Amarillo, Texas may be too far from your home, but I feel certain you can find a writers’ conference in your area. A Google search takes only minutes, and you will be surprised what you will find. And for those of you in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado, there’s always room for one more at FiW.  We look forward to meeting our fellow writers no matter where you are on your writer’s journey. Come join us June 29-30, 2012, at Amarillo College in Amarillo. Conference information is available on our website,

Cait Collins

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