Thank You

Outtakes 52

Thank You

I cannot believe this is my 52nd post. We started WordsmithSix a year ago on August 1. I wondered if we would remain committed to this blog. We are all so busy. We have full time jobs, family commitments, personal lives, and writing projects. I feared we would, at some point, allow life to interfere with our blog posts. But here we are 52 weeks later, still working hard and still writing our blogs.

My greatest concern was I would have nothing to say that would be worth reading. Yet you proved me wrong. I so appreciate your comments, votes, and likes. It’s good to know that others have shared my experiences and wanted me to know they appreciated reminders of days gone by. Your posts have encouraged me to reach higher; do better. Thank you for visiting our site. Thank you for reading our posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your comments mean more to me than you will ever know.

As I look back, I realize I wrote and posted a complete piece every week. That’s 52 publications over the last year. By committing to WordsmithSix, I set aside time every week to work on my blog. I did my best on all of the posts, but not all of them were winners. Even so, you kept reading. Your support made me determined to do better. I hope to do even better in the future.

So where do I go in the second year? Good question. I said in the beginning my thoughts are simple. I love writing. I love the challenge of creating characters, scenes, and dialogue.  There’s more to say along those lines. What about the books I read, the authors I respect and follow? What have I learned from fellow writers? Yes, there is much more to say.

This is my last blog for our first year. I look forward to the next year and the continuing challenge of writing my weekly blog. Thanks Craig, Natalie, Nancy, Sharon, and Joe for your support and encouragement. You all are the best friends and critics a writer could hope to have.

Cait Collins

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