Libraries and Librarians

Libraries and Librarians

By Natalie Bright

The local library in my small hometown will always be a special place for me. Located on the same block, and just around the corner from the laundry mat, I spent most Saturdays there. While my mother did our weekly wash, I hung out with crazy characters and visited places I’ll never forget.

Just inside the door and to the left were several comfy chairs and a low coffee table. It was in this spot I studied the cover of the newest Highlights for Children magazine, always the first order of business. I loved the detailed, busy covers of the colorful artwork. Then I read a new story each week until the next month.

The librarian usually had a stack of books ready and waiting for me. Even though I was very young, our hometown librarian never limited me to a certain section. I could check out anything I wanted. With a simple smile and a cheerful “Good morning. I think you’ll enjoy this.” she handed me something new. The feel, the smell of the pages, filled me with anticipation, and I couldn’t wait until I could hide into the new story.

One of the happiest days for my mother, when she got a new washer and dryer, was one of the saddest for me. I realized we wouldn’t be going to laundry mat on Saturday.

Natalie Bright

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