Thesaurus – No, it’s not a dinosaur!

Thesaurus – No, it’s not a dinosaur! 

Although it sounds like an animal from the Jurassic age, a Thesaurus is a book that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts. The book we know as a Thesaurus, gets it’s name from the Greek word thēsauros, which means “storehouse, treasure.”

A Thesaurus is often one of the most undervalued books in a writer’s library of tools. To communicate with our audience of readers, we need to use any legitimate aid to help improve our literary product.

Compile related terms

Compile a list of words that relate to your subject or theme before you begin writing. This will give you a good start and help prevent writers block.

Access words that move

You can also access slang items, Colloquialisms, foreign phrases that may move your writing along.

Use appropriate words

When using a Thesaurus, Slow down. Read the entire list of words slowly and out loud, replacing them one-by-one in your sentences. By doing this, you are more likely to pick the most appropriate word for your writing.

Rory C. Keel

2 thoughts on “Thesaurus – No, it’s not a dinosaur!

  1. slow down and read the words out loud – excellent advice. I forget to do this most times because I just need a better word so that I can finish the thought that’s in my head. Great post!

  2. This past weekend at Clayton New Mexico I went inside a flea market/antique store etc….and found a true treasure, a junior thesaurus printed in 1969 and called”In Other Words”. Just like me it listed words and went off in totally different directions with colorful definitions and meanings. Thanks Rory, it was because of your post I looked at this $2.00 find with different eyes, and bought and paid for it and brought it home to use as I pleased. “Perhaps the most exciting thing about the English language is its wealth of words. It possesses all kinds-words that stretch, words that shrink; some that crawl and some that soar; silly ones and boisterous ones and melancholy ones; words to make you laugh and cry.”

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