Writers Need Readers

Writers Need Readers

By Rory C. Keel

As an Author, I need readers. Whether I’m writing a novel, short story or an article for publication, the written word needs an audience.

Two things must merge at this point, your work and the reader. The question is how to get your writing and the reader together in order to achieve success?

Here are three things that will help to tie your read to your writing.

Something to write about

What interests you? Is it a major news event, an evil deed done by societies misfits or a heroic action? Research your target audience and then draw ideas from current events to create a plot or story line.

Good Title

While the title is not the story, a good story may never be read because of a bad title.

The title must be a calling card to your writing. When choosing a title, think about what would cause you to read this particular piece. Is the title colorful and exciting? Does it promise something without revealing the answer? Does it strike an emotional nerve?


Write an ending that moves people. As the reader struggles through each conflict of your story along with your characters, the reader needs relief. The main character may die at the end, but if the reader receives meaning from the end of your story,  you have written a successful ending.

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