By Nandy Ekle

This year’s spring season seems to be here. Spring is that time of year when young things are born and older things take deep breaths of relief. The harsh ice storms are getting further apart and the sun becomes stronger. The new world can’t wait to open up.

We’ve been locked indoors all winter watching the weather beat us with wind and snow. And what have we done while avoiding opening the front door? Hopefully we’ve been putting our perceptions of the world on paper. We’ve created places and people in impossible situations. We’ve spent time away from our own cold dark days having adventures that are meant to warm everyone who reads them.

With the spring sun the leaves bud on the trees, the flowers bloom and your work needs a place to go. And I have the perfect place!

The Panhandle Professional Writers right here in Amarillo, Texas, is sponsoring a writing contest called Frontiers in Writing. Get your winter stories, dress them up and send them off to be read and judged. Money prizes wait for you. Professional eyes wait for you. Prestige waits for you. Your fans wait for you.

I just have one question: What are YOU waiting for?

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

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