“Ands and Buts”

“Ands and Buts”

 By Rory C. Keel


Recently I decided to do some rewriting and corrections on my novel. Wow, it’s amazing how much better I write today than months ago when I started the book.

I remember the first day I started. I was confident in my story plot, characters and setting and remained confident every day as I move the story forward. Then I read the beginning; my confidence had covered a multitude of mistakes.

Making corrections is no easy task either. One day you change the “ands” into “buts”: then on the next day after re-reading the corrections again you change the “buts” back into “ands.”

The problem is that you’re confident about the corrections on both days.

Hello Editor!

2 thoughts on ““Ands and Buts”

  1. It is truly amazing what happens when you write every day and how the writing muscle develops. Part of the reasons why this process is so addicting.

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