Sharon Stevens


Today at our bookstore we had a gentleman visiting from Minnesota. His daughter had graduated from WTAMU on Saturday. He had been in several times in the past and bought books by local authors. As he was making his purchase he remarked that he and his daughter had discussed how genuine the people of the panhandle were, and how comfortable and welcoming we all were.

Genuine…what a wonderful word!  So descriptive, so simple, so eloquent, so meaningful. Very few words in the English language can fit this description.

I looked up all the dictionary words pertaining to genuine and found the definition wasn’t very old although I found the Hindu/Urdu/Sanskrit word “pukka” which first known use was in 1776. Bona fide and certifiable were the synonyms related. You can imagine which one of these words my husband connected to me. But that’s another story.

As writers we need to have genuine characters. No matter the genre we should be consistent with our thoughts. Even though they may stray into deep chasms of a dark direction they still need to be true to themselves. Serial killers, and psychopaths have a life, a story, a family. Their sick minds still envelope a beating heart. Christian and spiritual writers also need to follow a genuine path.

Please be genuine in your writing Give your characters life, but don’t betray their true philosophy. Their stories beg to be written, but with the truth they can believe in.

The dictionary definition of genuine is long and varied, and I quote…not spurious or counterfeit, authentic, real, free from hypocrisy or dishonesty, sincere, not pretending, possessing the claimed character, quality or origin, free from pretense, affectation, being of pure or original stock. Australia and New Zealand have another word for this, DINKUM, now that’s a word for you.

Dinkum…echt…genuine. We should never let our writing get lost as long as we follow the same path our characters would walk.

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