Giveaway Winners Announcement!

Giveaway Winners Announcement!

We had two comments on what inspires you to write, and I have to say that both were excellent.

“Connection” from Richard.  I think this is so true. When a writer pours their heart and soul into the words, its obvious they have a connection to the characters, the story line, and the setting, and that in turn makes the reader care as well. We can find the connection too.

“The only way it will get told is if I am to tell it” from Gaye. This is very inspiring for me in particular. Thanks so much, Gaye, for posting a comment.

I love both of those!  So Richard and Gaye, if you’ll email me privately with your mailing address, I’ll split the Texas related prizes and others goodies between you. 

Email me at

Thanks for being an active part of Wordsmith Six!


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