Rodeo Queens

A Pinch of Rodeo

Rodeo Queens

By Joe R. Nichols

When I competed full time in this sport, the local queen contest was nothing more than a distraction to me. A waste of time that only drug out the performance. Who would have thought I would someday marry a gal that competed in such contests, and now coordinates an event for the Range Rider’s July 4th Rodeo.

Guess who the Queen Coordinators’ assistant is.

I don’t do much, mostly just insert all the brilliant ideas I have on how it should be done. Somehow, she puts up with me and I get to watch her interact with these young girls. She loves them all.

Dianne had success as a rodeo queen and also in a pageant that qualified her to run for Miss Colorado. She never mentions this to anybody and won’t be happy with me for sharing it with the world, but I’m proud of her. She made the cut for the top ten finalists, and I still believe she was supposed to win.

In preparation for the Colorado Pageant, she received some formal instruction on etiquette, doing an interview, and generally how to present herself. I think there were four ladies with this knowledge and experience that donated their time to help her. It meant a lot to her, and I think it’s one of the reasons she is so good at giving back to these girls that compete for Range Rider Queen.

This is an entry-level contest, but Dianne makes it such a good experience.

She keeps it fun, but they learn confidence and values they will use their whole life. It also helps to prepare them if they choose to compete at a higher level.

Seeing the benefit that these girls get from running for queen or princess, and realizing how much it means to them, makes me ashamed of my former opinions.

Good job, Dianne.


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