Quiet Please. I’m Reading

Outtakes 110

Release 09-04-2013


Quiet Please. I’m Reading

By Cait Collins

I know the trend is to download books and read them from a Kindle, Nook, or tablet. While I see the convenience of carrying a small electronic gadget, it’s just not the same as opening a hard back or a paperback. I bought three books today. In between work on my memoir and the final edits on my novel, I’m going to take a break and read.

Diana Palmer is a multi-New York Times bestselling author and one of the tope romance writers in the United States. Her recentl released hard-back PROTECTOR is the story of a Texas Sheriff who is always around to comfort the heroine who loves another guy. Hayes Carson knows all about losing the gal. But his lonely days are numbered. Ms. Palmer’s novels are always well-written, her characters well-developed. They are worth the read.

Irish author Maeve Binchy died in July of 2012. Her last novel A WEEK in WINTER. is set in the small town of Stoneybridge on the west coast of Ireland. When Chicky Starr sets out to renovate an old decaying mansion on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, the towns’ folk think she’s lost her mind. Her first guests are a hodgepodge of characters destined to spend a week in winter at the renovated resort. This novel has been on my must read list for several months. I look forward to another hit from this popular best-selling author.

An imprisoned evil is unleashed after centuries of captivity and is out for revenge. Atlantean god and leader of the Dark Hunters, Acheron, and his twin brother, Styxx, have spent more centuries battling one another rather than protecting each other. Now Styxx has the opportunity to prove his loyalty to his brother. The epic novel STYXX by New York Times bestseller, Sherrilyn Kenyon, explores the age old question — What happens when the most powerful beings in the world go to war? Ms. Kenyon’s works are the best in escape reading. No matter the genre, she never fails to provide hours of entertainment for her readers.

So pardon me if I request in my best librarian’s voice, “Quiet, please, I’m reading.”

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