Outtakes 111



By Cait Collins

Have you ever had to write a tribute to someone really special? It’s much harder than you might imagine. How do you express your love and appreciation without sounding sappy? How do you reduce years of friendship to two or three paragraphs? What do you include and what do you omit? Do you go for tears or for laughs?

I really don’t know the answer.

I’m in the process of writing such a tribute. The accolades are well earned. My friends have been fixtures throughout the Texas Panhandle and the surrounding states for many years. He and his wife are loved and respected. They have been part of my life, my family, for forty-six years. I have so much to say but I have a 4×8 inch card. It is impossible to express everything I would like to tell them.

So here I sit working on rewrite three. No matter what I do, it just isn’t right. My friends are special and deserve my best. Above all, it must come from my heart. So wish me luck. These two paragraphs are harder than I imagined.


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