Finishing a Novel

A Pinch of Rodeo

Finishing a Novel

By Joe R. Nichols


The story of a bucking horse and how he directly effects the lives of one main character and four sub-characters, has been in progress for a long time. I am finally nearing the end and it is getting me stirred up.

It’s not a story based on any life experience that I’ve had, yet happenings during my time spent as a rodeo cowboy, allowed me to tell the story.

There are a few incidents in the book, depicting life on the rodeo trail, that have a bases of actual events. I’ll never admit which ones, and those who witnessed or partook in these events, don’t have enough credibility to discredit me. Besides, I changed the facts enough that everything can be flatly denied.

The point is, it’s fun to invent fiction and still have a realistic and profound story. Finally reaching the climax of the novel, and interjecting my brand of realism, is very satisfying.

I hope your interest is tweaked.


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