5 Ways to Start Writing and Stay Writing

5 Ways to Start Writing and Stay Writing.

by Rory C. Keel

Break it down

Don’t focus on the whole story or book. Concentrate on  writing one scene or segment at a time.

Apply Layers

First, write down facts. Next write surrounding details about the facts. And then write about the feelings of the facts, yours and those surrounding time of the facts.

Mine tidbits

Expand the small things that happen in life. Remembering a feeling you once had or the way someone acted can create scenarios for you to write about or incorporate into your writing.

Discover Defining moments

Explore life-changing moments. Did you have a point in your life that changed you? What happened? How did you feel? What different actions did you take from that point forward? Use this information to understand the characters you write about.

Expose Rebel Jewels

Did you ever go against the mainstream? What was the outcome good or Bad? Use the moments in life when you had a little rebel in you and transfer the actions, feelings and results into your writing. Yes you may change the names to protect the innocent!



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