Cowboys and Family

A Pinch of Rodeo

                                                           By Joe R. Nichols


Cowboys and Family

In a chapter I recently finished for my novel, Trails End, I wrote about my main characters borrowing a car from two cowboys they had only met the day before.

I remember one time when my pick-up broke down at a rodeo, and a friend gave me his truck to get home to my folks house. My Uncle couldn’t believe that someone would do that. “He must be a really good friend to loan you his vehicle,” he commented. I thought that was such a strange thing to say. We swapped cars, rides, equipment, and quite a bit of money. If you were winning, you carried the guys that weren’t. When they were able, they paid you back, and when you were broke, they gladly paid your fees or bought your share of the gas. That’s how we stayed on the rodeo trail. You didn’t go home, you stayed after it till you started winning again. The rodeo family is tight and will take care of their own.

My Mom and Dad came to visit this past Thursday through Monday. They live eight hours away by car, and we don’t get back home near enough to see them as much as we would like. They flew in to Amarillo and it was so good to have them at our house. We didn’t plan any big activities, we simply enjoyed the company and conversation. They also got to spend time with their Grandson and his family, including the one-month-old Great Grand Daughter and two older sisters.

Whether it’s blood relatives or cowboys on the rodeo road, good family is the best support system a person can have.

Thanks Mom and Dad for making the trip. It meant a lot to Dianne and I, and we enjoyed every minute.


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