Trick or Treat

Outtakes 118

Trick or Treat

By Cait Collins


My congregation held our annual Fall Festival for our kids this past weekend. The event included Trunk or Treating. This is a variation of door-to-door Trick or Treating. We line up our cars, open the trunks and kids come around with joyful shouts of “trick or treat”. I lost count of the number of children I treated. Within a half an hour, most folks were out of candy, so we herded them inside for dinner.

The kids were so cute. They proudly displayed their costumes pretending to be someone else. I spoke with a bride, a ballerina, a cowgirl, a black cat, Athena, a princess, the Little Mermaid, a butterfly, a fairy princess, a witch, and minions. On the guy side, Robin Hood, a skeleton, a Teenage Multitenant Ninja Turtle, Superman, Iron Man, cowboys, a pirate, Captain America, and other comic book heroes crossed my path. I recalled my childhood when I was among the hoards of kids out begging for treats. I too enjoyed playing someone else.

As I watched the children make their rounds, I began to wonder what prompted them to choose their costumes. Why Robin Hood or Captain America, Athena, or a princess. The answer was simple. A writer. Some person with a pen or a computer wrote a story, a television script, a screenplay, or a comic book. What they read, saw, or heard sparked these kids’ imaginations. They assumed the personas of their characters and for a few hours, they pretended to be another person. And they had fun.

As writers, we never know the impact our words will have on the reader. We carefully pen our stories and hope someone will enjoy our efforts. It’s good to know a bunch of kids appreciated the works of writers.

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