Stormy Nights

Outtakes 132


Stormy Nights

By Cait Collins


Let’s face it. Sometimes we get stuck. No new ideas are screaming, “Write about me.” These are the times when I look for inspiration anywhere I can find it. And I seem to find ideas in some unusual places.

A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping for a birthday card in a local Hallmark store. There was a big sale in progress, so I roamed the displays looking for bargains. Bam! There he was, one of my favorite characters, good old Snoopy. Snoops was sitting atop his dog house, his typewriter in front of him, and a piece of paper feed into the machine. He was ready to begin his next installment of “It was a dark and stormy night.”  On the front of the dog house are two open spaces. One holds two cubes with numbers carved in the blocks. The second space houses blocks with the months carved in the sides. My Snoopy is a perpetual calendar. I grabbed that statue and headed for the cash wrap. Thank goodness I remembered my discount coupon.

I think I’m drawn to Snoopy because he is the embodiment of many characters. Some days he is writer Snoopy. Tomorrow he might be Joe Cool or the World War I flying ace. He’s also a stalking jungle animal creeping up on Lucy. Snoopy is a scout master for Woodstock and his friends. He’s loyal, a true friend, and a great listener. He even decorates a mean dog house for Christmas. He has such unlimited imagination. Snoopy is great inspiration when my mind is blank.

The Snoopy calendar sits on my desk at work. It is a sweet reminder that each day is a good day to write. After all “Happiness is a new day.” Now back to my project.

“It was a dark and stormy night. Rain fell in sheets, saturating the hillside and spilling water, mud, tree limbs, and a body into the swollen stream.”


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