By Way to Go

Outtakes 136


By Way to Go

Cait Collins

I must take a minute to brag about a member of Wordsmith Six, Joe Nichols. Joe has just completed the first draft of his first novel TRAILS END. That’s a real accomplishment. So many beginning writers get discouraged and never finish their projects. But Joe stuck with it and we were privileged to hear the final chapters at out last critique meeting.

I’m truly proud of his work. From the beginning we all recognized Joe’s unique voice. I am convinced I could read his work and know he authored it without seeing a title page or book cover. That in itself is a selling point. But this guy is a natural with dialogue. I love reading his dialogue. It’s so true and right to the times.

I think I’m most impressed with his desire to learn the craft of writing. He’d come to meeting after meeting and accept our critiques. The next meeting we could see how he had applied our suggestions to the next chapters. He improved with every reading, and he began to apply what he learned to critiquing our readings. His insight and suggestions were valid and helpful.

Joe now begins the rewrite of the novel. I look forward to reading the updated version. I believe it will be wonderful. So congratulations, Joe. You hit the first milestone. I look forward to much more from you.


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