Left and Right


Left and Right

By Nandy Ekle

The brain is a whole entire organ. Or is it?

The medical books tells us our brains are actually made up of two hemispheres connected by the corpus callosum. The left hemisphere controls our logic and analytical skills. The right hemisphere, according to experts, is the home of our creativity and imaginations. The corpus callosum enables communication between the two sides.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to give an anatomy lesson.

In the past couple of decades, this has been a hot topic for doctors, nurses, psychologists, educators, even artists. And writing, my friends, is art.

So, the point of all this. When we’re working, as in a day job that pays our bills, we mostly want our “left brains” to be the active side. We might need complete silence in order to keep the right side sleeping, or we might need music playing to distract the right so the left can work. (I actually have a funny story about how my right kept my left from doing what it does . . .)

When we sit at the desk in front of the computer, that’s the time to open the door and let          Mr./Ms. Right out to play. The hard part is getting Dr. Left to go behind that door.

So, my dear readers, your assignment. Write in the comments below the ways you deal with the two sides of your brain to accomplish whatever task you have.

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.


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