One Word

Outtakes 156

One Word
By Cait Collins

Have you ever considered how many different sentences you can write around one word? For some unknown reason, I got to thinking about maple syrup and I started considering possibilities..

Maple syrup is derived from sap tapped from sugar maples.

Sap is the life blood of the tree. Like human blood, sap carries nutrients throughout the         plant.

A young tree not over four inches in diameter at chest height is a sapling.

Kids are sometimes referred to as saplings.

Amber is not a stone; it’s tree sap or fossil resin. At times, the sap would encase an insect, trapping it forever in the hardened resin.

Pitch is often a medicinal resin (sap) obtained from various conifers.

Heat saps my strength.

My computer battery life is sapped by prolonged usage.

That poor sap never stood a chance against a woman’s wiles.

What a sap!

The neighborhood kids’ antics are sapping my creative juices.

One base word is a noun and a verb depending on the way it is used in the sentence. There are many words in our language with multiple meanings. Taking the time to explore words not only increases a writer’s vocabulary, it provides opportunities to be more creative in your writing. Words are a game. Enjoy.



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