A Couple of Things

Outtakes 161


A Couple of Things

By Cait Collins


As I have mentioned often, I am a dinosaur when it comes to computers. When I find a system I like and works well for me, I keep it. Last week when my favorite laptop developed a problem, I panicked. Fearing the worst, I took my system to the computer store I use for a diagnosis of the problem. The tech gave me the good news first. My computer booted up properly, but the screen did not come on. He plugged in an external monitor and he could see the log on screen. So the screen was dead. The bad news, it was fixable but it would cost about $325.00.

I had a choice; I could repair my system or buy a new unit. A new unit meant Windows 8 or an Apple system. An Apple computer maybe, but I refuse to buy another computer with Windows 8. I bought a new Netbook with Windows 8 and I hate it. The tiles are a waste of my time and the computer’s memory. I find it difficult to navigate, and it continually rejects my passwords.

“Fix it,” I stated.

He reminded me I could buy a new system for a little more than the cost of the repairs.

“I do not want 8.”

He smiled and told me he had systems with Windows 7. I looked at one of his systems and was impressed, but to get what I wanted would cost about 3times the cost of a new computer screen. I love my computer. So I chose to get a new screen.

The point is I can still buy the operating system I like. I may have to look for it, but it’s out there. And your favorite computer tech just might be a good place to start.

As much as I dislike my new Netbook, I must make friends with it. Imagine my surprise when I learned our local community college was offering four, four hour sessions introducing new owners to Windows 8. For $25.00 someone will walk me through the maze of Windows 8. I’m signing up.

Community colleges are an excellent place to pick up new skills or fulfill a business educational need. Our college offers classes for the general public as well as special programs for children and seniors. The costs are reasonable and continuing education credits are available for many courses. I have taken a number of classes to up-grade my computer skills; work with published authors, or to just learn something different. I check out their course schedule before each fall and spring session. I recommend your community college for continuing education offerings.

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