View Point

Outtakes 163

View Point

By Cait Collins


It is possible to write two novels about the same incident, but from two different points of view. Bothe stories are valid. The hero in the first book is the villain in the second, and the villain becomes the hero. The disadvantages each man perceives regarding his plight are unknown to the other. It makes for interesting reading.

Here’s an assignment. The hero and the heroine have a lover’s quarrel. Write the scene from the heroine’s view point. What started the argument? Who became defensive first? Who initiated the fight? Pay particular attention to her hurts and disappointments. What is she not saying?

Now write the same scene from the hero’s point of view. What is different? What is similar? What is he hiding? Who stands between them? Is he defensive or placating? Can they resolve the issues?

Read both stories aloud. Are the results thought provoking enough for you take the scenes and develop a short story or novel?

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