Changing Your Mind


Changing Your Mind

By Nandy Ekle


I love dark stories. I love horrors, thrillers, suspense, mysteries, science fiction, every form of scary tension you can think of. I read them all like a starving person at a Thanksgiving feast. Even more than reading, I love to write them.

But every once in a while I need a break from monsters, death, decay, and darkness for some light sugary fun. So I pick up a little romance to read. Or I dig out a children’s book from the shelf I keep for my grandkids. And sometimes I have to do this in my writing as well.

We can get bogged down to the point of being completely desensitized to the thrill of a new way to kill a character. The twisted mind of a psychotic serial killer no longer brings out those delicious chill bumps. Demons thumping around the pages of our story stay right on the page and don’t enter our imaginations to keep us up all night. We read about the scorned woman planning to kill her lover, and we yawn.

So I tried something different. I changed my writing genre. I still have all my fun little spooks in their assigned rooms in my head, but I thought it might be time to visit a different world. And to make sure I was being completely reborn, I did something else new: I made outlines for my new stories.

Guess what happened. The stainless steel wall that kept my words locked away from the page opened and there I was, writing again. For the first time in a while, I was eagerly typing while the words moved like they were on a conveyor belt.

Sometimes you just need a change to shake things up.

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

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