A Perfect Writing Space

A Perfect Writing Space 

By Natalie Bright

We have a lovely home office. Oak bookcases span one entire wall from floor to ceiling and a leafy plant engulfs a huge picture window, with two comfy chairs – one for typing at the desk and one for reading. It is the perfect place to dream, imagine, explore words, and create. When it came to the work in progress, I couldn’t write a darn thing in that room.

Instead, the kitchen table called out to me. Smack in the middle of an open floor plan, I watched television, the kids, the dogs in the backyard, and the pot bubbling on the stove. Kitty watches the world from the window sill, and even though my mother has been gone eight years now, I have her aloe vera just behind me and the lively family of chickens she painted. I feel like I can create in this spot.

The topic of my story was a difficult one. For fifteen years the story of our first son has been on my heart and mind. Finally, in the middle of today’s chaos notes on loose papers, partial outlines, and journal entries came together. GONE NEVER FORGOTTEN is an eBook about hope and healing for families who have suffered the loss of a baby.

What surprised me was that my productive home office had abandoned me. So beware, fellow writers, the perfect writing space may relocate without giving notice.

What about you – have you found your perfect writing space?

Natalie Bright

6 thoughts on “A Perfect Writing Space

  1. Boy, my perfect writing space is right between my ears, while standing in line at the grocery store or traveling down an all too familiar road. My mind goes off to those wonderful vivid places that eventually occupy chapters in my books. Rarely does this ever happen with my fingers poised over the keyboard.
    Happy writing!
    Les Denton

  2. This week, I’m anxiously awaiting installation of carpet and assembly of office furniture into a freshly painted room that will be solely my office – for writing, not a mix of work and whatever time might be left over for projects.
    Oddly, I find I can write in places like airports, busy libraries, even in front of the television – might be some part of my brain needs to shut out external events to focus, I’m not sure. Or when I spent a lot of time on the road, I would either dictate or repeat dialogue I’d written, trying to make it sound real. One such section I must have repeated a hundred miles was in Tears of Like Souls:
    “I’ve been there once, Zach.” I stared into his green eyes. “Don’t think that if I end up looking at you over the barrel of a gun again I won’t kill you in self-defense.”
    “Ouch,” he groaned.

    Oooh, I’m looking forward to trying out my new office!

  3. Oddly, and much to my husband’s dismay, my best writing place is sitting on the corner of our couch with my feet on the ottoman in front of me, TV off or on, doesn’t matter. Saturday at noon (noon being my optimal creative hour) at work during lunch is also when the words jump from my head to the computer screen.

  4. There is hope that a new home office can work. I’ve had one for years and was having trouble concentrating in it too. I decided to put in a new desk with a return so I would have a place to write in notebooks in addition to computer writing. I also changed the art on the walls and put in a new color theme into the room. It worked. The place feels refreshed and I am now writing there comfortably. I still like to write in coffeehouses or the library on occasion. Sometimes I think that we simply need to change our surroundings once in a while to be productive.

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