A Writer’s Thanksgiving

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A Writer’s Thanksgiving

By Cait Collins


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. At noon I will sit down with my family and enjoy a turkey dinner and fellowship. I’m saddened that this holiday is downplayed. The day after Halloween, the Christmas ads and Christmas specials began. It was as if there was no holiday between Halloween and Christmas. But this day is special. It’s a time to remember all that I have to be thankful for and my writing talent is just one of them. I would like to share my blessings as a writer.

  • I can read and write. How many people around the world cannot enjoy opening a book and reading a story? How many are unable to writer their own name?
  • I had parents who encouraged me to read and write; who wanted me to get an education and use what I learned to better myself.
  • I have supported myself with my writing. My jobs have allowed me to write, to have my work aired in newscasts, commercials, and documentaries. My sales materials were published to ad agencies across the country, and my proposals resulted in ad sales. Now I write letters to clients explaining provisions of their contracts. I may not have a published novel, but I am published.
  • I am limited only by my own drive and imagination.
  • I can write what I want to write. Freedom of speech and expression is a keystone of our culture.
  • I had good teachers who never allowed me to get away with less than my best.
  • I have friends in the writing community who stand by me when the work is progressing well and encourage me when I’m blocked.
  • I have been fortunate to meet other writers who were willing to share their experiences and help me become a better writer.
  • I have the best critique group and circle of beta readers.
  • Researching and writing helps to keep my mind sharp. True, if I don’t put events on my calendar, I forget, but dates, places, and people are often etched in my memory.
  • I don’t reach retirement age as a writer until I have no more stories to tell.

Yes, this writer is thankful. We have been given the gift of informing, inspiring, and entertaining. And because of this gift, we all should have a list of writer’s blessings. Think about it and I’m sure you will agree.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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