By Natalie Bright

It started with a tractor book.  After an endless search I thought I had purchased the perfect one, but my five-year-old son informed me the book had flaws.

“A tractor would never park in a garage,” he said.  My description of a giant, garage-like-barn-like-shed did not fly.  I asked his opinion of what might be in the ideal tractor book.  He told me and then suggested, “You should just write it.”

The spark of desire to write something besides work related pieces was flamed by my son. Armed with a purple gel pen and a blue spiral notebook I found myself sitting in a creative writing class taught by university Writer-in-Residence and New York Times bestselling author, Jodi Thomas. Her comment on the first night of class shocked me to the core. “You are all writers, or you wouldn’t be here,” she said.

A writer!  Me? Personnel policies, ad copy, business correspondence and scrapbook journaling doesn’t make a person a writer, or maybe it does.

That six week, intensive course changed my life, as have all of the writer’s conferences I’ve attended since.  And Jodi’s one piece of advice on the last night of her class still remains; “Always write from the heart.”

Beginning with a search for the perfect book for my son and ending with a passion to learn everything I can about the craft of writing, I realized this journey has just begun.

All the best to you on your writing journey, and thanks for following us on WordsmithSix!

Natalie Bright

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