Outtakes 176


By Cait Collins


It’s that time of year when our calendars are filled with social engagements, shopping, holiday meal planning, cooking, gift wrapping. The list seems endless. In my line of work, tax season begins and the work load increases. Time to write seems limited. That does not mean we shut down our writing and pick it up again after the first of the year. We are writers, and we have a job that requires attention.

In the past, I have been guilty of neglecting my writing, but this year I plan to change that practice. Each day, I will write something. This does not include what I write at my day job. I promise to write something new and different daily. The activity may be an update on a query letter, or a character sketch for a new story. I may spend an hour editing my novel, or adding a chapter to my current work. I have holiday letters to write, grocery lists to make. There is no limit to the opportunities.

Making this pledge will help me focus on my writing career so that I can jump back into full production after the first of the year. I will not be playing catch up. I will not have a total interruption of the creative process. It will keep me from relegating my writing to the hobby status. Realizing my creative writing is as important as my day job will force me to keep this commitment.

Here’s another way to look at things. When progress is made on a writing project during this hectic season, we can give ourselves a treat. I think I’ll have another red velvet cookie.



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