Write The Book

Write The Book

By Rory C. Keel


With the New Year off to a blazing fast start, many people who have made their New Year’s resolutions are now on their way to succeeding while others have already thought about throwing in the towel of quitting. This year my goal is to complete my Novel UNLAWFUL WORDS without quitting.

You’re a Quitter!

I consulted my dictionary for the meaning of the word quitter. When I turned the page and looked at the definition I saw the outline of my face beginning to form beside the word, metaphorically speaking. It read, “A quitter is a person who gives up easily and does not have the determination to finish the task before him.

I think about how many times in the past I’ve wanted to finish my book and haven’t. This year I need to finish my book.

The need to write the book

Is it a passing fad or a one-time flash-in-the-pan idea? Does the story touch the heart and mind, or carry a message that would inform, change or move mankind in a positive direction? The answers to these questions can make a difference in the motivation or need of a writer to finish a project, or it can stop them completely.

Driving me to write this book is a personal need to share the story of an honest man who finds himself on the wrong side of right. When the truth is revealed, he faces severe persecution and death itself while seeking redemption.

Lets be real.

What makes this year different than last year? If the world continues to turn, this year will have the same amount of time as the last, but the difference is having a plan. With organization, scheduling of writing time, and other distractions eliminated or minimized, I can visualize success this year.

Nothing comes without a cost

To write a book is not free. There will be a sacrifice of time, a must have in order to write. There may even be certain individuals who need to be weeded out, or places avoided and distractions to the writing mind need to be removed. This will be a conscious effort to de-clutter and streamline everyday life, shall we say, “spring-cleaning” the closet of life.

With determination not to be found in the dictionary beside the word quitter, the proper motivation, plan and willingness to pay the price, let’s do this!



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