Publishing Lull

Outtakes 182

Publishing Lull

By Cait Collins


I love to read, so the new release slow down from November to February is definitely not my favorite time of the year. Some would say I should get a Kindle or a Nook and download new stories and E-Books. Sorry, but I prefer holding a book in my hands as I read. After eight hours in front of a computer screen, an E-reader has no appeal. So what does one do when there’s nothing new from favorite authors? Why not try a new author or a new genre?

One of my recent purchases was Killing Patton by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. The writing was well paced and the maps, photographs, and footnotes were welcome additions to the read. I also appreciated the Afterword detailing unanswered questions regarding the automobile accident that resulted in Patton’s death. Although I’m not one for conspiracy theories, the book did pose some interesting questions. The Postscript portion of the volume, brought closure for the key players among the Allied and Axis ranks. I do recommend the book to all students of history, World War II buffs, and young people who want to learn more about the heroes of WWII.

There are a couple of books on my bedside table begging to be read. One is Texas Mail Order Bride by Texas Panhandle author, Linda Broday. Nothing makes a better story than the vast beauty of Texas, a Texas cowboy with a past, his two brothers, and an unexpected woman to complicate his life.

God, Guns, Grits and Gravy by Mike Huckabee promises to be a great read. Only a good old boy could understand and accurately portray the unique places, people, and promises of the Heartland. Having read some of his earlier releases, I look forward to yet another look at America as it was; is; and what it could be.

These titles are not among my normal reading list. My favorite authors write romantic suspense, women’s fiction, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and mysteries. Barry Eisler, Craig Johnson, and Rick Riordan have a home on my book shelves. I also have a section devoted to animation, comic strips, travel, and science. My shelves are full and over-flowing, but there’s always room for additions to my favorites.

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