A New Perspective


A New Perspective

By Nandy Ekle


I have worn eye glasses my whole life. I’ve always been near sighted and in the past ten years or so I’m also had a touch of far sightedness. I’ve been wearing glasses with a far away and a close up. And if objects are too close, I take my glasses off and squint.

Since leaving my teen years I have not had to change glasses every year, but I can certainly tell when it is time for a new pair. And this week I got some new specs. It’s been a few years, but it seems the sight in one of my eyes has changed dramatically. Dark had become darker and the lights in the dark had become brighter and fuzzier. So my new “eyes” have corrected those things.

As I put them on, I noticed things I had not seen in a while (and hadn’t realized I hadn’t seen). I noticed the vibrant colors in some of the pictures around my house and my office. This was amazing because a few of these pictures were fairly new. I had seen them and liked them, but now I can really SEE them. I’ve also noticed that the world is no longer flat. Things actually have dimension.

Sometimes that’s what we need to do in our writing. We get wrapped up in our characters and the story they act out for us. We spend entire chunks of our lives looking at these words and this same old whiny girl in the same old scene. We devote so much to this world we’ve created that we forget what it really looks like. We need to put on a new pair of glasses, step back, and admire what it looks like when you can see the whole thing.

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

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