It’s One of Those Days

Outtakes 197

It’s One of Those Days

By Cait Collins


Have you ever had one of those days when every electronic device you touched just rebelled? Monday was just such a day. My computer at work was slow in booting up and I barely clocked in on time. Then one of the main systems decided to have the hic-ups. It would freeze, or decide not to work at all. My new cell phone sent an activation message, but it didn’t fully activate. I spent 20 minutes on the phone trying to correct the problem, but the tech’s system didn’t want to work. A now my Netbook wants to run marathons when I touch the scroll bar.

Needless to say, it ain’t been a good day for electronics.

Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate the conveniences modern electronics afford. But the more parts, the more things to break or stop working. Sometimes I wish for my trusty IBM electric typewriter and correction strips. Then I remember how difficult corrections and changes were to make. How many trees did I kill retyping whole chapters in order to add or delete segments and paragraphs? Yes, computers, cell phones and tablets have their places. I just wish my six-year old nephew’s comfort with the devices wasn’t so intimidating.

Since I’m frustrated with everything electronic, I think it’s time to shut everything down and open a good book. A real book with a cover, pages, a spine and a back. I’ve never had a book freeze, shut down, or crash. It’s nice to have something to rely on.

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