What is the RIGHT Genre?

What is the RIGHT Genre?

By Natalie Bright

The discussion at a writer’s workshop in Wichita Falls led by Jane Graves, an award winning author of contemporary romance, changed the way I think about writing.

Her advice was to, “hone in on the one thing that speaks to you. Freshness and originality comes from what you can imagine.”

Even though the words in my head are mostly children’s literature, I attended a romance writer’s workshop because that’s what I thought I’d be writing. In the beginning of my writing journey, the whole creative process was a chore; I hated my characters, the dreary plot line, and the editing process seemed like torture. What made me think that I’d ever be able to write a novel?

Janes’ words got me to thinking. What I’ve been obsessed with since a very early age, besided writing a book, is history, stories set in the Old West, and the great tribes of the Plains most especially Comanche.

Believe me I’ve tried to change the ages of my characters so they’d fit a publisher’s specs, follow the advice of my husband who said if I’d write a marketable romance it would surely sell, and consider the ideas of well-meaning colleagues who suggested I needed to add a vampire or alien to revive that western tale.

The RIGHT genre is the character that wakes you up in the middle of the night, the endless, daunting edits that lights a fire in your gutt, and the finished piece that feeds your soul.


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