As the World Turns 


As the World Turns 


By Nandy Ekle 


The alarm rings early in the morning. Our character turns over and sees the colors glowing through the bedroom curtain. The pinks and oranges overriding the blues and purples in the sky take her breath away. She grabs a pencil and jots some notes. 

 She steps in the shower under the scalding hot water. The pressure makes each drop of water feel like tiny little scrub brushes on her skin. Amazing, delicious, and energizing. She cherishes each pinpoint of heat that lands on her body. After she dries off she takes her pencil and paper and makes a few more notes. 

 Driving to her office she passed by a strip mall. In the parking lot a police car and a silver car were stopped. The officer stood next to open window of the car.  

Our character also passes a group of teenagers as they wait for the school bus. They all wear jeans and jackets, carry stacks of books, and peck at cell phones. One girl has jet black hair, piercings, and a tattoo on her hand. 

As our character enters her office, she takes out the pencil and paper and writes a few more notes.  

A normal person watching our character’s day on the job would think it was an average day. But she sees more. As she studies each case she is assigned, she sees potential. She sees red flags and life stories, and she sees endings. She takes out her pencil and paper and jots a few more notes, always keeping confidential matters confidential.  

During her lunch hour she turns on her audiobook and works on her craft project. As she cross-stitches, her mind tunes into the story on the I-pad. The story, of course is intriguing and one part of her mind follows closely. But another part of her mind concentrates on the style of the writer. She marvels at his words and how they unfold the tale with so much grace that even after 25 hours of listening, she is still enthralled. At the end of her lunch break, she makes a few more notes on her notepad.  

At the end of the day she drives out of the parking lot. Nothing unusual happens, until she approaches the highway. She notices the traffic backed up and slowed to a crawl, so instead of getting on the entrance ramp, she continues to drive on the access road next to the highway. 

Looking over the guardrail she notices flashing lights and orange cones. A little further down the road the EMT loads a victim into the back of the ambulance. Several twisted cars are stopped amid a ton of broken glass.  

When our character reaches her home, she pulls out her computer and begins to write.  

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse. 

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